A downloadable game for Windows

A way too big project by a way too depressed game creator.

The elevator pitch of this project: a modern military turn based tactics & strategy game which will show the dangers of commercialised warfare.

For now it's only a litte terrain generator with a very basic combat system thrown in. 

Progress of this project will probably be very slow, as i can't work too much due to depression.  :(


  • c to toggle camera mode to birb cam
  • w a s d q e to move and rotate birb cam
  • use tab to quickly cycle spawn mode, your troops, targets, and turn end
  • click the little sword icon to fire at enemies. if nothing happens there are none in sight or range!

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded folder and run "Subtlety is Dead.exe".


Subtlety is Dead v0.20.05.zip 21 MB
Subtlety is Dead v0.20.04.zip 17 MB
Subtlety is Dead v0.20.03.zip 17 MB
Subtlety is Dead v0.20.02.zip 17 MB
Subtlety is Dead v0.19.zip 17 MB

Development log


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birb cam? i'm in.