A downloadable game

A way too big project by a way too depressed game creator.

The elevator pitch of this project: a modern military turn based tactics & strategy game which will show the dangers of commercialised warfare.

For now it's only a litte terrain generator with a very basic (and very shit) combat system thrown in. 

Progress of this project will probably be very slow, as i can't work too much due to depression.  :(

Map Controls:  

  • right mouse button + mouse to rotate the camera
  • mouse wheel to move camera forward
  • c to toggle camera mode to birb cam
  • w a s d q e to move and rotate birb cam

The combat controls are way too finicky, so i wouldn't bother if i where you.

Combat Controls:

  • spawn troops by clicking the spawn troops button and then selecting a yellow spawn tile
  • select troops by clicking their tile
  • move troops by clicking on yellow tiles after you selected them
  • fire at enemy troops by selecting the fire icon at the bottom and then selecting the now yellow tile of an enemy in sight (i said it's  way too finicky)
  • end your turn by pressing the end turn button

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded folder and run "Subtlety is Dead.exe".


Subtlety is Dead v0.19.zip 17 MB

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