First Update to Subtlety is Dead!

Alright, quite a few changes in this first update. 

  • all new camera system! press tab to cycle through your troops and the camera will focus on each one. when firing the camera will take the point of view of the firing troop. by pressing z you can zoom at their target! for an overview of the whole battlefield you still can use the birb cam by pressing c
  • tiles have now 100 positions to move on and to spawn things onto instead of just one, effectively increasing the map size from 1 square kilometer to 100 square kilometers, with a million positions to move to
  • trees now only show on tiles next to troops, making scouting a factor! you can still see if there are any trees on a tile by hovering over it and reading the tile info.
  • can no longer shoot with a hit chance of zero, so no more being pinned down by someone a mile away

As a side effect of the map size increase, map generation times have increased quite a bit. So don't worry if the game takes a bit of time after you hit the generate map button.


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Feb 11, 2020

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