Different weapons in new update!

Aye Troops,

i hope you stay safe during quarantine. Why not check out the new update while your in lockdown? new stuff and changes are as follows:

  • toppers (like trees or buildings) are now slightly misaligned, so the maps don't look like your fighting on a plantation anymore
  • there's now a loading screen between pressing the generation button and the  map being finished
  • pillboxes are a bit darker, which should make them more spotable in snow
  • there are different weapons now! including shotgun, sub machine gun, rifle, and sniper rifle
  • weapons all have different ranges, which will dictate their accuracy
  • weapons have different fire modes (automatic, repeat, single) which react differently with each weapons recoil. generally faster firing modes and weapons will suffer more from recoil
  • shooting mode now has a bigger panel with the ability to choose fire mode and amount of trigger pulls
  • covers effect is now per cent based instead of just an subtracted number. cover can reduce shot accuracy down to 5% of its value.
  • turn now ends after shooting, so try to make use the most of your trigger pulls
  • fixed some ai bugs, as well as making it able to use the new weapons system
  • fixed troop info panel still showing previous hostile troop after end of turn

weapons right now are just randomly assigned to troops and highly unbalanced. future game mechanics and balancing changes will address this of course. anyway, stay safe out there and thanks for reading :)


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Apr 29, 2020

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