Introducing the World Map!

Hi there,

the idea of this game always was that you play in various countries and terrains and fight many different enemies and gear. the first step towards this goal is introducing the world map. it only features one conflict in one region right now (the chinese civil war), but with the work put in now it should be relatively easy to create new ones. let's go through the new features one by one:

  • advance time! with the next day button in the right hand corner you can advance one day of the in game time. in order to start the first conflict click it two times! alternatively you can use the slider to quickly advance through over half a century
  • with a conflict active, you can click it to view available quests. select one of them to start generating a map for the encounter
  • different troops can be encountered in each quest, ranging from the relatively weak (yet still very deadly) militia to the machine gunner
  • different factions are already in the game, but there aren't any features related to them at this point
  • introducing a new weapon! the light machine gun. it's currently only equipped by machine gunners in certain quest
  • made some changes to weapon range. weapons' accuracy will now generally drop over range, differing for each weapon of course
  • new main menu button: in tactical battles you can press the escape key to bring up the main menu (as previously) now there's an additional button to bring you back to the world map

while the changes aren't very impressive yet, they lay the groundwork for many different quests, conflicts, weapons, and enemies.

thanks for reading and stay safe :)


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May 09, 2020

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