Roads , Villages, and Terrains

While the last few weeks were one mayor hassle for me privately, I finally managed to release another update. Note that the version names have changed slightly to negate future naming inconvenience. New stuff includes:

  • Roads! they are a new terrain topper that negates the travel cost of the terrain its placed on. steepness of the tile is still factored in normally and there is a minimum travel expense of one action point per position traveled.
  • Villages will now be spawned in certain quests. they consist only of a few houses and roads for now, but everything is in place to expand them in the future.
  • Roads will try to connect villages if possible, allowing for quick travel between villages
  • Each quest will now have an expected terrain randomly assigned. Terrains include mountains, highlands, and lowlands for now
  • You can change the difficulty of generated quests, leading to more or fewer generated enemies
  • The "Restart" button in the battle main menu got renamed to "Reload Map", this was an oversight in v0.20.05

thanks for reading :)


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Jul 02, 2020

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