First Accessibility Options!

First time i managed to release two updates in one month! This update mainly focuses on readability and accessibility:

  • added an outline to all troops
  • added a much stronger outline to selected and targeted troops
  • added key maps to zoom birb camera
  • added key map for initiating shooting
  • shots now take a bit of time to act out - depending on number of shots, selected fire mode, and weapon choice
  • missed shots now throw up dirt near the target
  • ai turns no longer are over instantly, but act out (though it's still rather fast)
  • added key binding options in the main menu
  • added color binding options in the main menu
  • fixed aiming camera zooming in over the target intended to highlight

now readability and accessibility are still a mess but its a first baby step. thanks for reading :)


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Jul 20, 2020

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