New Update! Create your own Fire Teams!

hello there,

with bugfixing (hopefully) finished it's time for the new update! also look forward for a more frequent devlog in the future. seeing that updates will probably not be very frequent in the future due to my mental health and german unemployment agencies having no clue how to do a normal schedule i cannot sqedule my work neither. however it should be in my power to at least do a weekly devlog. i won't promise it, but i'll promise that i try. anyways, here's the changes:

  • individual troops are now fire teams, which consist of several soldiers, which individually can  shoot and be suppressed and shot, though not individually targeted. new ui will indicate their numbers, suppression or no ap status (greyed out). once a team is pinned down (unable to move) a downpointing arrow will appear above their icon. press the f button (by default - changeable in main menu) to see all team's icons at once
  • you can create your own fire teams! when on the strategy screen, press the troops button on the upper right corner to create them! they are saved once you return, so your work won't be for naught. you can customize names of troops and teams, their numbers, icon, and armament
  • created a new shooting panel! you can order each individual soldier in each team to shoot at the selected target. soldiers will fire individually, using up all their remaining ap. 
  • reworked suppression. it now should be way harder to achieve fire superiority
  • conflicts will now be sorted in a list, when clicking one quests will show up
  • fixed a bug that enabled troops to shoot through floor tiles
  • fixed some problems with troop outlines
  • when cycled through all troops you will no longer end your turn with the tab button, but instead a message will be written in the console
  • the first turn plays automatically as one couldn't do anything during it anyway
  • some smaller changes

thanks for reading, and i hope i manage to post next monday as well :)


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Nov 09, 2020

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