Weekly Dev Log #001

Hi there to the first weekly dev log!

don't have to much to tell this week, as i played payday 2 for most of my free time -.- but i decided what to work on for the next update! a basic implementation of vehicles. you may have noticed that the map way bigger than you would ever could use with your slow mocing infantery. that's why in the final game you should be able to put them into a fast moving vehicle, move them into combat, let them fight, regroup, and drive off. so vehicles in this first implementation should be able to move, carry troops, load and unload them, be damaged and/or destroyed, and provide some cover for riding troops. so let's see how much trouble it can be to get all of that working the next few weeks. first vehicle in the game will probably be the trusty ww2 era jeep, as i already made a ugly ass model for it in blender.

alright, that's all for now, thanks for reading and see you next week :)

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